What to Expect during Worship



For our location, please see Directions. Ample parking is available. There is handicapped parking and a ramp available on the Buck Lane side of the Meeting house. There is a wheel chair available in the foyer on the Buck Lane side of the building.

Entrance from Buck Lane
Entrance from Buck Lane
Front door of Meetinghouse with children's scooters parked beside it
Front door of the Meeting house


Settling In

Dress is informal and comfortable. Our greeters are available after 10:15 AM to welcome you and offer first time attenders a name tag and a warm welcome! Greeters can also help those who need assistance to find a comfortable spot for a scooter or wheel chair or a seat that allows a clear view of the simultaneous transcription of messages spoken during Meeting for Worship. Feel free to sit anywhere in the Meeting room.

If you arrive after 10:30 and someone in the Meeting room is speaking, please wait in the foyer until they have stopped speaking.



Haverford Friends Meeting is an "unprogrammed" Meeting, meaning that we do not have a minister, a sermon, liturgy, rites, or hymns. We settle into silent worship after a brief welcome from a person sitting on the Facing Bench. After that, Meeting may pass without a single spoken message or attenders may feel called to share a verbal message, a song, or even a dance. Meeting is fundamentally about seeking and listening. We spend our time in silent contemplation, searching for peace and that of God within us.

"Each experience of worship is unique, and each worshipper approaches worship in a personal way. Friends understand that worship is continuous and each person who enters the meeting room joins in quietly, settling into the silence. In the deepening stillness, worshippers let go of thoughts and distractions, open their hearts to the Light Within and listen for what truth God might give them."
- Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice, 2018, pg. 6

For more information, see Videos for Visitors.


Children & Youth

Children are very welcome to attend and may remain with parents in the Meeting room during worship. There are books and quiet toys available and a desk with writing material in the meeting room near the fireplace. Feel free to come and go as the children need.

During the first 15 minutes, worshipers may offer messages that are appropriate and interesting to children. We want our young people to understand that Meeting for Worship is not just sitting in silence…that messages are a valuable part of our Meeting.

For more information, see Infants/Children/Youth.

After the Rise (End) of Meeting for Worship

At the end of Meeting for Worship, about 11:30, the person on the Facing Bench will ask if there are any joys or concerns among those in the Meeting room and then from those on Zoom. This is followed by a request to visitors to introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself. Please speak up - don't be shy! We want to welcome you and get to know you!


Socializing After Worship

After Meeting, we meet to visit on the porch or in the Forum Room, with coffee, tea, juice and light refreshments or for a simple meal to benefit a charity. This is a wonderful time to get to know other people. We especially welcome visitors!

After announcements, people on Zoom have the option of entering on-line breakout rooms to socialize and get to know other Zoom participants better. We hope you'll join this group!


Covid Policy

We recommend but do not require masking or immunization. Please be aware that we have immunocompromised members among our regular attenders. If you are ill or have had a recent contact with someone with Covid, please consider joining us on Zoom rather than in-person.