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Committees and Staff

Meeting for Business
Meeting for Business

The work of the Meeting is performed by volunteers and committees, which are convened by the clerk of that committee. The committees report to Meeting for Business in Worship (MFBIW), usually on the second Sunday of the month from September through June. Our office manager responds to or forwards emails and phone messages to the appropriate clerk or volunteer in the Meeting.

Clerk of the Meeting

The Clerk of the Meeting is the equivalent of the President of the Congregation in a clergy-led house of worship. The Clerk of the Meeting is responsible for ensuring that the work of the Meeting gets done by supporting its committees. The Clerk convenes and guides the monthly Meeting for Business in Worship (MFBIW). Decisions are made by those who participate in MFBIW after periods of discussion and discernment have led to a sense of unity in the group. Decisions among Friends are not the results of voting.